Charge Transfer Luminescence in Ce-Doped Fluorides
Crystal Growth and Scintillation Properties of Fluoride Scintillators
Electrochemical behavior of Ce(Ⅲ) in LiF-BaF2 melts
Electronic structure and transition probabilities in pure and Ce3+ doped BaF2, an explorative study
Energy transfer processes involving different luminescence centres in BaF2:Ce
Experimental evidence of a diffusion barrier around BaF2 nanocrystals in a silicate glass system by ASAXS
Fast 20 ns 5d–4f luminescence and radiation trapping in BaF 2:Ce
Gd2SiO5(Ce3+) and BaF2 measured electron and photon responses
Influence of excitation density on luminescence decay in Y3Al5O12:Ce and BaF2 crystals excited by free electron laser radiation in VUV
Investigation of Cerium-Doped Barium Fluoride
Irradiation effects in BaF2:CuCl2 and BaF2:Mn,Ce crystals
La and La/Ce Doped BaF2 Crystals for Future HEP Experiments at the Energy and Intensity Frontiers Part I
Optical Investigation of Ce 3+ -Activated Borogermanate Glass Induced by Substitution of BaF 2 for BaO
Optical Investigation of Ce3+-Activated Borogermanate Glass Induced by Substitution of BaF2 for BaO
Optical properties of Ce3+ doped fluorophosphates scintillation glasses
Photoacoustic spectrum of BaF2:Ce3+ phosphor
Preparation of the BaF2: Ce3+, Yb3+ Nanoparticles and near Infrared Luminescent Properties
Radioluminescence and recombination processes in BaF2:Ce
Scintillation light yield of BaF2:Ce
Scintillation properties and mechanisms of Ce and La doped BaF2 crystals
Scintillation properties of Ce 3+ doped BaF 2 crystals
Scintillation response of BaF 2 and YAlO 3 : Ce (YAP : Ce) to energetic ions
Spectral-kinetic characteristics of crystals and nanoceramics based on BaF 2 and BaF 2 : Ce
Studies on decay time of fluorescence from a series of Ce-doped BaF2 crystals
Study of the spectral characteristics of surface films of CaF2 and BaF2 crystals doped with Eu, Ce, Sm, and Tm by spectroscopic methods
Synthesis of BaF2:Ce nanophosphor and epoxy encapsulated transparent nanocomposite
The effects of La3+ and Ce3+ dopants on the scintillation properties of BaF2 crystals
The Lu-doping effect on the emission and the coloration of pure and Ce-doped crystals
Thermoluminescence and opitical absorption of BaF2 crystals
X-ray and gamma ray luminescence of Ce3+ doped BaF2 crystals