A sub-mm spatial resolution LYSO:Ce detector for small animal PET
Comparative studies of Lu1.95Y0.05SiO5:Ce and Lu0.7Y0.3AlO3:Ce single crystal scintillators for gamma-ray detection
Effect of Annealing Treatments on Optical and Luminescence Properties of Lu1.8Y0.2SiO5:Ce Single Crystal
Effect of the X-ray dose on the luminescence properties of Ce:LYSO and co-doped Ca,Ce:LYSO single crystals for scintillation applications
Effect of yttrium on electron–phonon coupling strength of 5d state of Ce3+ ion in LYSO:Ce crystals
Effects of anisotropy on structural and optical characteristics of LYSO: CE crystal
Etching studies on lutetium yttrium orthosilicate LuxY2-xSiO5:Ce (LYSO) scintillator crystals
Evaluation of the light emission efficiency of LYSO:Ce scintillator under X-ray excitation for possible applications in medical imaging
Evidence and Consequences of Ce (4+) in LYSO:Ce,Ca and LYSO:Ce,Mg Single Crystals for Medical Imaging Applications
Experimental characterization of the 192 channel Clear-PEM frontend ASIC coupled to a multi-pixel APD readout of LYSO:Ce crystals
Exploring the energy transfer processes in Lu2(1–x)Y2xSiO5:Ce crystals
Growth and characteristics of LYSO (Lu2(1−x−y)Y2xSiO5:Cey) scintillation crystals
Growth and characteristics of LYSO scintillation crystals
High Efficiency of Lutetium Silicate Scintillators, Ce-Doped LPS and LYSO Crystals for Medical Applications
Integrated optical and nuclear simulation of a monolithic LYSO:Ce based PET detector module
Light output response of LYSO(Ce) crystal to relativistic helium and carbon ions
Light yield non-proportionality and energy resolution of Lu1.95Y0.05SiO5:Ce and Lu2SiO5:Ce scintillation crystals
Luminescence and Scintillation Properties of Ce-Doped LYSO and YSO Crystals
Luminescence emission properties of (Lu, Y)2SiO5:Ce (LYSO:Ce) and (Lu, Y)AlO3:Ce (LuYAP:Ce) single crystal scintillators under medical imaging conditions
Luminescence Properties of (Lu,Y)2SiO5:Ce and Gd2SiO5:Ce Single Crystal Scintillators Under X-Ray Excitation for Use in Medical Imaging Systems
Luminescence properties of LuYSiO5:Ce, Gd2SiO5:Ce, and CsI:Tl single crystal scintillators under X-ray excitation, for use in medical imaging systems
Optimization of the effective light attenuation length of YAP:Ce and LYSO:Ce crystals for a novel geometrical PET concept
Performance of a 511 keV Gamma-Ray Imager Using a LYSO (Ce) Crystal Array With Wavelength Shifter
Properties of LYSO and Recent LSO Scintillators for Phoswich PET Detectors
Response of LYSO:Ce scintillation crystals to low energy gamma-rays
Scintillation response of Lu1.95Y0.05SiO5:Ce and Y2SiO5:Ce single crystal scintillators
Simulation study of light transport in laser-processed LYSO:Ce detectors with single-side readout
Spectroscopic analysis of LYSO:Ce crystals
Structural, mechanical and light yield characterisation of heat treated LYSO:Ce single crystals for medical imaging applications
Validated simulation for LYSO:Ce scintillator based PET detector modules built on fully digital SiPM arrays