A single crystal of YALO3: Ce3+ as a fast scintillator in SEM
Ce3+ Centres in YAlO3 (YAP) Single Crystals.
Comparison between YAP : Ce and CsI(Tl) multipillar matrices
Consequences of Ca codoping in YAlO3:Ce single crystals
Detector development for a novel Positron Emission Mammography scanner based on YAP:Ce crystals
Effects of annealing on the color, absorption spectra, and light yield of Ce:YAlO3 single crystal grown by the temperature gradient technique
Effects of growth atmosphere and annealing on luminescence efficiency of YAP:Ce crystal
Etching Figures in High-temperature Scintillating Crystal Ce:YAP
Light emission efficiency and imaging properties of YAP:Ce granular phosphor screens
Luminescence and Scintillation Properties of Ce-Doped YAP and LuYAP Crystals
Measurement of absolute light yield and determination of a lower limit for the light attenuation length for YAP:Ce crystal
Multi-crystal YAP: Ce detector system for position sensitive measurements
Optimization of the effective light attenuation length of YAP:Ce and LYSO:Ce crystals for a novel geometrical PET concept
Peculiarities of luminescence and scintillation properties of YAP:Ce and LuAP:Ce single crystals and single crystalline films
Properties of the YAP: Ce scintillator
Refractive index and absorption length of YAP: Ce scintillation crystal and reflectance of the coating used in YAP : Ce single-crystal matrix
Response of YAP:Ce scintillators to energetic heavy ions
Sample-to-Sample Variation in Single Crystal YAP:Ce Non-Proportionality
Scintillation photoelectron N p h e l s (E) and light LY(E) yields of YAP:Ce and YAG:Ce crystals
Scintillation response of YAlO3:Ce and Lu0.7Y0.3AlO3:Ce single crystal scintillators
Spectroscopic and scintillation performance of Ce:YAP single crystal fibers grown by μ-PD technique
Spectroscopic Properties of Ce:YAP Scintillation Crystal Grown by Temperature Gradient Technique
Studies of scintillation light nonproportionality of ZnSe(Te), CsI(Tl) and YAP(Ce) crystals using heavy ions
Studies of scintillation light nonproportionality ofZnSe(Te), CsI(Tl) and YAP(Ce) crystals using heavy ions
Study on the single crystal growth of concentration gradient Ce:YAP rod and the dopant concentration dependence on the scintillation properties
X-Y position readout of a YAP:Ce crystal matrix using wavelength-shifting fibers
YAP(Ce) crystal characterization with proton beam up to 60 MeV
YAP:Ce Scintillator Characteristics for Neutron Detection
YAP-PET: a small animal positron emission tomograph based on YAP:Ce finger crystals
YAP-PET: first results of a small animal positron emission tomograph based on YAP:Ce finger crystals