An advanced ionizing radiation monitoring network based on using SrI2(Eu)/MPPC module
Comparative Gamma Spectroscopy with SrI2(Eu), GYGAG(Ce) and Bi-loaded Plastic Scintillators
Comparative study of nondoped and Eu-doped SrI2 scintillator 
Corrigendum to ‘‘Eu concentration dependence on scintillation properties of Eu doped SrI2 single crystals grown by modified micro-pulling-down method’’
Crystal growth of Eu:SrI2 single crystals by micro-pulling-down method and the scintillation properties
Effects of La, Gd, or Lu co-doping on crystal growth and scintillation properties of Eu:SrI2 single crystals
Effects of Na and K co-doping on growth and scintillation properties of Eu:SrI2 crystals 
Effects of packaging SrI2(Eu) scintillator crystals
Eu concentration dependence on scintillation properties of Eu doped SrI2 single crystals grown by modified micro-pulling-down method 
Fabrication and characterization of cubic SrI2(Eu) scintillators for use in array detectors
Growth and characterization of SrI2:Eu crystals fabricated by the Czochralski method
Growth and Scintillation Properties of Two-Inch-Diameter SrI2(Eu) Single Crystals
Growth of 1.5-In Eu : SrI2 Single Crystal and Scintillation Properties
Growth of 2 in. Eu-Doped SrI2 Single Crystals for Scintillator Applications 
Growth of Eu:SrI2 bulk crystals and their scintillation properties
Impact of Impurities Cs+ , Mg2+, Fe2+, and Sn2+ on Scintillation Performance of SrI2(Eu)
Luminescence properties of pure and Eu-doped SrI2 crystals purified by a “Liquinert” process and grown by vertical Bridgman method 
Micro-Raman Imaging of SrI3- Anions in SrI2:Eu Scintillator Crystals
Modeling scintillation light absorption and re-emission in SrI2(Eu) scintillators
Negative temporal cross covariance in SrI2:Eu
Nonproportional Response and Energy Resolution of Pure SrI2 and SrI2:5%Eu Scintillators
Nonproportionality and Scintillation Studies of Eu:SrI2 From 295 to 5 K
Performance evaluation of newly developed SrI2(Eu) scintillator 
Preliminary investigation of scintillator materials properties: SrI2:Eu, CeBr3 and GYGAG:Ce for gamma rays up to 9 MeV
Radioactive contamination of SrI2(Eu) crystal scintillator
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Scintillation Properties of and Self Absorption in SrI2:Eu2+ 
Self-absorption in SrI2:2%Eu2+ between 78 K and 600 K
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The Purification Process On Scintillator Material (SrI2: Eu) By Zone-refinement Technique