Absorption Spectrum and Zeeman Effect of Am3+ in LaCl3
Electrochemical behaviour of LaCl3 at tungsten and aluminium cathodes in LiCl-KCl eutectic melt
Crystal spectrum of promethium 3 + in LaCl3
Electronic and Vibrational Raman Spectra of PrCl
Fluorescence Spectrum of Am+3 in LaCl3
High-temperature infrared spectra of LaC13, LaBr3, and LaI3
LaCl3:Ce scintillator for g-ray detection
Phonon-induced relaxation in excited optical states of trivalent neptunium in LaCl
Phosphorus fixation in lake sediments using
Raman spectra of ionic liquids: A simulation study of LaCl 3 and its mixtures with alkali chlorides
Spectrum analysis of U3+:LaCl3
Spectrum of Nd3+ in LaCl3
Temperature dependent scintillation properties of pure LaCl3
Thermodynamic Quantities of Surface Formation
Wavelength-shifting fiber readout of LaCl3 and LaBr3 scintillators
High-energy-resolution scintillator: Ce3+ activated LaCl3
Erratum: Lattice Vibrations of LaCl3 and LaBr3 from Vibronic Spectra
Energy Levels of Am IV in LaCl3
Mass spectrometric studies at high temperatures XXV. Vapor composition over LaCl3, EuCl3 and LuCl3 and stabilities of the trichloride dimers
Dehydration and oxidation in the preparation of Ce-doped LaCl3 scintillation crystals
Phosphorus fixation in lake sediments using LaCl3-modified clays
Spin-correlated crystal field parameters for lanthanide ions substituted into LaCl3
Enthalpies of phase transition in the lanthanide chlorides LaC13, CeC13, PrC13, NdC13, GdC13, DyC13, ErC13 and TmC13
Thermodynamics of the lanthanide halides I. Heat capacities and Schottky anomalies of LaCI,, PrC&, and NdCI, from 5 to 350 K
Lanthanum Trichloride (LaCl3): An Efficient Catalyst for Conjugate Addition of Amines to Electron-Deficient Olefins
Elastic Constants and Debye Temperature in LaCl3
The Limited Crystalline Swelling of Smectites in CaCI2, MgCla, and LaCla Solutions
Performances and potentialities of a LaCl3 Ce scintillator
The scintillation mechanism in LaCl3:Ce3+
Optical and scintillation properties of cerium-doped LaCl3, LuBr3 and LuCl3
Scintillation mechanisms in Ce3+ doped halide scintillators
Lanthanum halide scintillators_Properties and applications
Non-Proportionality and Energy Resolution of a LaCl3:10% Ce3+ Scintillation Crystal
Scintillation Properties of LaCl3:Ce3+ Crystals: Fast, Efficient, and High-Energy Resolution Scintillators
Scintillation properties of LaBr3:Ce3+ crystals: fast, efficient and high-energy-resolution scintillators
Growth and luminescence characteristics of undoped LaCl3 crystal by modified bridgman method