CeF3 crystal (also known as cerium fluoride crystal ) is a new type of pulse generator γ Fast response scintillation crystal for X-ray measurement. Because CeF3 crystal has good neutron interference resistance, it is (n, γ) Pulse in mixed radiation field γ The excellent material can effectively reduce the neutron interference. CeF3 crystal is an inorganic ionic scintillator. It is colorless in appearance, high in density and atomic number γ And X-ray detection efficiency are high, the ability to stop charged particles is strong, and the time response is fast. CeF3 crystal is transparent in the wavelength range of 300-5000nm, does not deliquescence in the air, and has excellent radiation resistance and good temperature stability. The decay time is about 27 ns and the peak wavelength is 310 nm. CeF3 crystal is widely used in pet, γ, And X-ray counting equipment.


Material Features

Property Value
Density (g/cm36.16
Melting point (℃)1443
Refractive index @400nm1.62


  • High atomic number
  • High density
  • High detection efficiency
  • Non deliquescence
  • Fast decay time
  • The temperature stability is good


  • X-ray, β-ray detection
  • γ Ray detection
  • PET

Scintillator Properties

Property  Value
Wavelength(Max. emission) (nm) 286, 300, 340
Wavelength range (nm)280-700
Decay time (ns)5-30
Light yield (photons/MeV)7000-12000
Radiation length (cm)1.68
Absorption length (cm-1)3.5
Light output (phe/MeV)340-470
The Thermal-neutron cross-section  0.65 barn



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