Yb: YAP crystal (chemical Yb: YAlO3, also known as Ytterbium-doped yttrium aluminate crystal ) is a fast-decaying scintillation crystal used to measure solar neutrinos. Yb: YAP crystal is an IR scintillation crystal due to its long fluorescence lifetime but high light yield . Yb : YAP crystal has a very fast time response with a time decay constant of about 400ps . It is the fastest inorganic scintillator used in the field of intense pulsed radiation measurement and is comparable to the organic scintillator ST1422. The transmittance of Yb: YAP crystal at 300-800 nm is about 80%. Yb: YAP crystal can be applied to the fast field of intense pulsed radiationγPulse signal measurement.


Material Features

Chemical formulaYb:YAlO3
Density (g/cm3)5.35
Melting point (℃)1691
Hardness (Mho)8.5
Solubility (g/100gH2O)N/A
Thermal conductivity (W/mK)10
Thermal expansion coeff (C-1)8.08*10-6

Scintillator Properties

Wavelength(Max. emission) (nm)330
Output wavelength (nm)970-1029
Decay time (ns)≤0.7
Light yield (photons/keV)10
Typical doping level (at.%)<2
Emission lifetime (usec)951
Absorption bands (nm)930-945



  • Time decay constant 400ps
  • High light output
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Emission spectrum width
  • Low quantum defect


  • Solar Neutrino Detection
  • High efficiency thin-plate laser
  • High power CW Q-switched mode-locked laser

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