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266nm Laser

266nm laser is a kind of ultraviolet laser. Compared with other laser markers, the deep ultraviolet laser marker has high photoelectric conversion efficiency. The lifetime of the nonlinear crystal is long, modular design, easy installation, and maintenance, the performance of the machine is stable, small bulk, low power consumption, high marking speed, high efficiency. In addition, the quality of the deep ultraviolet laser beam is good, the focal spot is smaller, which makes it achieve ultra-fine marking. When marking with the deep ultraviolet laser marker, the thermal influence area is very small, and will not produce a thermal effect, so the material burning problem will never be considered. The deep ultraviolet laser marker is especially suitable for the ultra-fine processes, such as glass, mobile phone screens, precision instruments, etc., for most metal and non-metal materials, such as hardware, ceramics, nameplate, display boards, plastics, etc., it is competent too.

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