Ce: LuAG crystal (the chemical formula is Ce: Lu3Al5O12, also known as lutetium aluminum garnet crystal) is a scintillation crystal with excellent comprehensive performance, which is widely used in the field of scientific research and industrial high-energy ray detection. Its spectral emission peak is located at 520nm-550nm, which matches well with the receiving sensitive wavelength of the photomultiplier tube (PMT) and silicon photodiode (PD).

Ce: LuAG crystal shows stable physical and chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, and resistance to harsh environment. It exhibits excellent scintillating performance, for example high scintillating efficiency, high light yield, and fast decay time. Ce: LuAG crystals are widely used in photomultiplier tubes, photocounters, scintillation screens and other devices to detect high-energy particles, such as α particles, β rays, and γ rays. Because of the excellent scintillation performance of Ce:LuAG crystal, it is widely used in CT, scanning electron microscope SEM and other equipment. The detection sensitivity of single crystal Ce:LuAG is higher than that of cerium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Ce: YAG) because of its higher density and higher effective atomic number. Especially in thermal quenching, the performance of Ce: LuAG is significantly better than other scintillators, so it is particularly suitable for the field of high-temperature and high-energy particle detection.


Material Features

Chemical formulaCe: Lu3Al5O12
Density (g/cm3)6.73
Melting point (℃)2020
Hardness (Mho)8.5
Solubility (g/100gH2O)N/A
Thermal expansion coeff (C-1)8.8*10-6

Scintillator Properties

Wavelength (Max. Emission) (nm)535
Wavelength range (nm)475-800
Decay time (ns)70
Light yield (photons/keV)25
Refractive index1.84@633nm
Radiation length (cm)1.3
Optical transmission (um)TBA
Transmittance (%)TBA
Reflection loss/surface (%)TBA
Light output relative to Nal(Tl) (%)20
Energy resolution (%)<8
Neutron capture cross-section (barns)TBA



  • High light yield
  • Fast decay time
  • High density 
  • Excellent physical and chemical properties
  • High energy resolution
  • High effective atomic number
  • High temperature resistance
  • High scintillating efficiency


  • PET    XCT
  • γ-ray detection
  • High-power laser light
  • High resolution X-ray imaging


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