GOS (Gd2O2S, gadolinium oxysulfide) has excellent characteristics such as high light output, high density, short afterglow, etc., and is widely used in medical CT and security CT detectors. GOS is a hexagonal crystal with a wide bandgap structure (4.4~4.8eV), high chemical stability, and is used as a scintillator matrix material. Gd2O2S: Pr, Ce ceramic scintillator has high conversion efficiency for X-rays, and its decay time (t1/10 = 5.5 us) is short, which can realize repeated imaging in a short time. It can be used not only in medical imaging equipment but also in color television picture tubes.


Material Features

Density (g/cm3)7.34
Crystal structureHexagonal
Lattice parametersa = b = 3.85827Å,
c = 6.666659 Å
Cleavage planeNo
Solubility (g/100gH2O)N/A

Scintillator Properties

Wavelength(Max. emission) (nm)510
Wavelength range (nm) 400-2000
Decay time5.5
Wide-Gap (eV)4.6-4.8
Luminescence intensity (keV)27.5
X-ray attenuation coefficient (cm-1)52 at 70   keV
0.80 at 500 keV
Relative light output (%)80
Afterglow (%)< 0.01
Radiation damage (%) -3


GOS Emission Spectrum
GOS Transmission Spectrum


  • High luminous efficiency
  • Low afterglow
  • High light output
  • High X-ray absorption efficiency


  • X-ray CT
  • X-ray microscope
  • Laser material


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